Self-Care Card Deck




Self-care is so important! The consistent, repetitive, go-to activities and routines that bring us calm do so because we can predict exactly how we are going to think and feel. We get comfort from the familiar. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of expectations that are dashed, plans that alter on a whim or even get straight-up canceled with no chance of reproduction any time soon. We live in a world of uncertainty. No wonder we feel so shaken up!

When we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, the things that help are often not the exact solution to the problems we face. They simply act as a temporary buffer until we can regain our strength fully. You cannot pour from an empty cup! Creating a self-care routine for yourself needs to be a priority so these activities don’t just act as buffers, they are the true changemakers. The one thing that you take with you, no matter your problems, is your brain. Positive psychology tells us that the thoughts you think create the emotions you have, and these feelings drive your actions. When you prioritize self-care, you give yourself permission to play around with your thoughts and feelings to create new actions that will then support you.

If you would like help with figuring out these thoughts, I offer 1:1 coaching sessions as well as professional development training courses all about how to rewire your brain – no matter what the circumstance. These sessions can be great for team-building and getting everyone on the same page, or for simply giving your own confidence a boost and untangling the mental mess. When you understand how to control what you think on purpose, you change your life!

These cards are designed to give you the opportunity to commit to a self-care practice with however much time you have to spare each day. The intention behind these cards is that you eventually make self-care the priority, not the thing you do only when you have time. There are 30 cards for you to print on cardstock and/or laminate for extra durability. Pick a card and choose from the 1, 15 or 30min self-care activities to give yourself a boost! It’s important to make time for YOU! Do what you can, when you can, if you can. Top tip: whenever you see that is a link to a website to find out more information. You can click straight from this document or type it into an address bar on your phone or computer.

Whatever you do with these activities, I hope you have FUN and just remember to come at them with a playful mindset. You can change your life when you put yourself first. You got this!

Here are just a few ways that I have used this deck for my own well-being:

– Daily positive affirmation card
– Calendar for 30 days of self-care acts (there are three activities on each card so this can be used for almost 3 months with new activities daily!)
– Print or copy out the activities into your planner or journal
– Use for your vision board
– Shuffle the deck and choose a card at random
– Create a challenge with a friend to do as many as you can!

This is a digital download printable. You will not be mailed any physical items. Due to the nature of a downloadable product, no refunds are available. This item is only for personal use and may NOT be resold, used in any advertisements, or redistributed as your own either in digital or physical form.