Have you ever heard of EFT Tapping? Emotional Freedom Technique is a process you can do anywhere at anytime to help restore your energy when it feels out of balance. You activate certain points on your face and body by tapping gently for a few seconds at a time, while saying affirmations or exploring thoughts you want to take a closer look at 👋

Tapping can help to decrease your anixety and stress levels while also helping you to regulate your emotions and connect your subconscious thoughts with your conscious ones 💭

When I first tried tapping, I hated the idea of feeling uncomfortable emotions and saying the mean things I said to myself in my mind out loud. At least if they stay inside then I can’t hurt myself anymore than I already am, right? 👀

Wrong! Noticing these emotions and saying the shame-fuelled thoughts out loud actually brings them into the light. The dark isn’t there to protect them anymore. The light allows you to then evaluate them and then you get to DECIDE if you want to keep them or not ✅

I realised that the scared part of me could often be defeated with laughter – and even more so if I could drop a swear word in there. So, I started tapping with added cursing! No more trying to say cheesy affirmations and dying of cringe. The other cool thing about this version of EFT is it is FAST. You experience changes in your emotions QUICKLY. Now I had found a way for me to play with my subconscious that felt safe and true to me AND I didn’t have to wait weeks for change to happen 💜

Therefore, I present to you the Emma F*ckin’ Tempest Tapping sessions! 🙌

You’ll get a 30min Zoom EFT session to help you change your relationship to your unique experience. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and with a new sense of hope. Once you have paid, I will then send you an email to get you on my calendar at a time that suits us both 🥰

If the idea of saying affirmations makes you wanna hurl, you might be interested in a sweary version instead – come play with me! 😉

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