Become Your Own VIP: The Course




Become Your Own VIP is all about putting YOU first and your stress last. Here are some things I hear when I ask people what they find hard about self-care, wellbeing and burnout:

🥴️ I’ll be able to catch up with myself when things are less busy
🥴️ I can’t ask for help, I don’t want to be a burden
🥴️ I am actually fine really, it’s not that bad…
🥴️ I don’t have time to look after myself – others need me more
🥴️ I can’t change now, there’s too much ingrained – it’s just who I am

These sound super true and accurate, right? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and one of those free lanyards they hand out too ✅

However, the harsh truth of reality is that (brace yourself, this might feel ouchy! 😬):

🎫 Things are never going to be magically less busy – you have to choose to rethink your priorities on purpose
🎫 Asking for help is the greatest sign of strength – not weakness
🎫 You’re not fine – you were not even made to be ‘fine’, you were made to flourish!
🎫 Taking care of you first allows you to take even greater care of others
🎫 You are ALWAYS capable of changing – if you can’t believe that, you can borrow my belief in you until you do 😉

If any of this sounds familiar, luckily for you, you are not alone! This is a super common thing that us human beings feel from time to time and usually it isn’t a problem. However, when we keep moving ourselves further and further down our care list, we can start to get overstressed – and that is when burnout can loom in the horizon… 👀

This series of recordings (video and audio) are purposefully designed to not only give you information but for you to immediately take ACTION on that information. One of the biggest things people tell me they struggle with when it comes to self-care is not having time to implement the things that they know are good for them. After these recordings, you will know exactly what the next step is and how to take action on it.

In session one, we will be talking all about VALUES.

In session two, we will move on to INTENTIONS.

In session three, we will finish by playing with PERSPECTIVES.

These recordings were originally part of a live series of playshops. Purchasing the course version gives you access to almost 90minutes of training and then you can access coaching via email or messaging me on my socials (rather than the live coaching that happened at the original event).

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed at work or at home, these recordings are for you! If you are currently thinking, “I’m too busy to do this right now” – that is a sign that you SHOULD take it, it’s the perfect time to get to grips with what is happening to make you feel overwhelmed and come away with skills to tackle it from day one.

Our culture teaches us to keep pushing forward, to keep going, don’t stop. This is your opportunity to practice dipping a toe (or heck, even take a big step!) towards the person you want to become by rejecting this premise and play with what your nervous system has been trying to tell you all along – SLOW DOWN! It’s not about adding more things to your to-do list, it’s about shifting your mindset to make it work FOR YOU. When your stress activation is always switched ON, the pull to fix things with short-term temporary habits is strong. These recordings will show you that there is a different way!

Here are some reviews from my coaching clients to give you an idea of what it’s like to play with me 🥰️

I highly recommend getting your brain coached with Emma! I had so many great takeaways from working with Emma that I will apply to my personal life and business. One of the biggest takeaways was learning how to think about the things I have to do in a more playful way. Now I think to myself, “how can I have fun with not-so-fun things like washing the dishes or putting the clothes away?” This has really helped me with getting things done and better yet, feel good in the process 😊 – Jess

Emma’s teachings have left me with a great sense of empowerment. I had 10 weekly sessions with her and honestly it’s been life-changing; I now have the tools to feel in control, motivated and able to work on my self-esteem. I would recommend Emma to anyone who wants to improve their sense of well-being. – Becky

And here is a review for this specific course:

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Once you purchase this course, your login details will be emailed to you separately within 24hrs. Please don’t hesitate to email or message me on my socials if you have any questions. Thank you 🙂

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