Tea & Talk

This is where you can book a free 30 minute ‘Tea & Talk’ session held via Zoom – this is where you can talk to me about anything to do with my coaching packages. A warm drink is optional, but a playful spirit is a must have!

The reason I call it a ‘Tea & Talk’ instead of a consult or a discovery call, is because – quite frankly – both of those things sound super boring! 🤪 The vibe of a ‘Tea & Talk’ is like when you go round to your friend’s house and they’ve already put the kettle on and there’s biscuits on the table before you’ve even got in the door. You feel welcomed, cosy and comfortable. You are able to share your true, authentic self from a place of knowing that you won’t be judged, shamed or ridiculed 🥰️️

This conversation helps you to not only find out a little bit more about what coaching is like and what my particular flavour of coaching FEELS like, it also gives me the chance to check that we are a good fit together – this is a two-way relationship! Bring your questions, share your latest wins and wobbles and let’s see what you WANT to get from 1:1 coaching.

You also have the option to play with one of my card decks! This can be a really fun opportunity to shift your brain into curiosity mode by seeing what thoughts and feelings you have as you pick a card. Just choose which one and add it to the note section when you book onto my calendar.

I have three decks I love to play with:

Simply book a time here to be added to my calendar, or if you prefer to email me or DM via my socials that is A-OK with me! If there are no times that work for you, message me to let me know what time zone you are in and I will get back to you asap to arrange a suitable date and time for us to chat. I can’t wait to get to know you! 🤩