Does this sound like you?

You believe in the magic and power of play to educate children…but you don’t always feel empowered to teach.

You feel like you give-give-give to others all day…and yet you never seem to give to yourself

Others say you are an amazing, thoughtful, kind person…but you still don’t feel like you’re enough.

Hi! I’m Emma Tempest AKA The Play Coach. I help stressed out educators bring the power of play to their classrooms, as well as their own home lives through trainings, consultancy and coaching. I offer professional development about early childhood education and add-on coaching that helps educators take the work deeper. I also offer self-care and well-being training and coaching – creating plans of action for teams of educators in the workplace, as well as 1:1 coaching for individuals. I offer a safe space to help educators talk about what matters to them, what struggles they are having and how they can begin to take back their power through playful, positive change.

I like to see myself as being the person with the umbrella. I can help you weather those stormy thoughts you have – whether they are in or out of the classroom – and I am here for you to help you find a new way. I can also offer the umbrella to you and let you lead the way to the sunshine – you can even keep the umbrella and take all the learning with you beyond the time we spend together! They say ‘You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain’, which is true! But my work isn’t here to make sure storms never happen. It’s a fact of life that there will be storms – children and families that feel overwhelming to us, lack of a work-life balance or even just the heavy weight of stuff going on in our personal lives. My job is to help you fully embrace both the storm and the sunshine – and to help you make your own rainbows, so you can live a playFULL life.

Here's how I can help you 💜

There are three ways I can help you – firstly, I share lots of free content right here on my website and you can find my posts on Instagram and Facebook too. I also have a free Facebook group focused especially on well-being.

Secondly, I offer training, coaching and play workshops designed to meet your needs in the classroom. Visit the Work With Me page for more information about my early childhood consultancy services, or get in touch for a free consultation today by sending an email to emma@makeyourownrainbows.com or signing up for a Tea & Talk.

Thirdly, in my role as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, I can help you with your well-being so you can act as your higher self in AND out of the classroom. I like to say that I don’t give you the answers – I actually give you more questions! Because my job is to help you think differently. I help you see your thoughts and what lies beneath them. I ask questions that create more thoughts and wonderings. Then together, using a combination of Positive Psychology and Thought Work, we reframe these thoughts so you not only get unstuck but you figure out what to do next – real action that empowers you to move forward. You can read more about that here: Curiosity Coaching.

Here's what people say about me 💜

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