Have you ever wanted to try my unique flavour of play-based coaching but have ended up talking yourself out of it because of nerves, worries or other fears? Guess what? You are not alone! 😊

I hear from people all the time that they are interested in coaching but there’s just something holding them back…this is a totally normal response to trying something new – especially when it comes to something to do with all those pesky thoughts and emotions you have got going on in that noggin’ of yours 🧠

My Playdates offer you the chance to experience a coaching session infused with play. Play is such a powerful tool to help you explore your thoughts and feelings while experiencing a felt sense of safety. One 30-minute session will allow you to experience play AND coaching in a setting where you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable at all. Talking about our feelings can be challenging, especially if we think we don’t matter or we are used to squishing our feelings down (this used to be me btw 👇)

We will start our session playing with one of the amazing card decks that I use regularly in my own self-coaching. You can choose from the ‘Feel Deal Heal Coping Skills’ deck from Tiffany Roe, the Anchored Deck by Margeaux Feldmen. the ‘Prism Oracle’ from Nicole Pivirotto or the ‘Get Your Deck Out’ Oracle Cards from Katie Abey.


We will pull cards and use them to play with anything that comes up for you. I will use my coaching skills to help you to see any problems that you might be tackling in a different light, using the cards to guide our conversation 🪄

I often use the example of my coaching being like a kaleidoscope – you twist and turn it and a whole new picture opens up! This will help you navigate where you want to go in the future, long after this session has finished, as well as relieving some of those heavy feelings of being stuck right now. My rainbow thinking method is quite frankly super fun and feels like MAGIC and I want to share it with you via this medium! 🌈

Grab a Playdate at the checkout and I will send you a calendar invite for you to book your session. Questions? Email 🥰

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