Self-Care Ritual Design Series




You might be used to setting goals or new years resolutions (with varying degrees of success!) but have you taken a look at your self-care rituals? 🤔

Join me for a series of three sessions to design your new self-care rituals. Together we will look at your current routines, choose 1-3 new self-care activities that are personal to you, discover anchors to help you weave the new with the old and add in bookends to create closure and mental cues to help with your intentions ✨

You will get a chance to test out your rituals and then revisit with me to check-in and redesign. We will look at your physical spaces, create visual cues and remove distractions – all in aid of supporting your energy and maintaining your emotional boundaries 🤗

You will get one 30 minute session every other week for a total of three sessions. This is the perfect length of time to explore your self-care rituals with a coach by your side to help you see your blind spots, connect your intentions to your actions and get the results you want. No more relying on willpower or shame to get you to change! 🙌

Once you have paid, I will then send you an email to get you on my calendar at a time that suits us both 🥰

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