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If you want to ramp up your self-care, wellbeing and achieve some goals along the way, the SHINE sessions are for you! This is an opportunity to get 12 sessions of coaching across the span of 12 months. You can start these sessions at any time – you don’t have to wait for a New Year, a birthday or any other ‘event’ that you deem to be a place of renewal (but you can also totally start then too! The choice is yours!)

The SHINE sessions allow you to have a cheerleader by your side, coaching you once a month via Zoom or Messenger for 45 minutes and connecting by email throughout the month, as needed. With coaching, you can use your brain to figure out a way through any problem you have, finding a way forward with a playful mindset. When you can’t even see where you are stuck (because you believe all the thoughts you have are true facts of the world) you get stuck in judgement instead of curiosity. I can help you to get curious each month and propel you to take actions fueled by feelings of joy, empowerment and self-love – I also am a great accountability partner! We will set goals from month to month, while also holding space for you if you don’t achieve them.

Using learned, practiced and powerful evidence-based skills rooted in positive psychology, I will show you how to see your brain’s thought patterns and overpower them so you can make positive changes in your life, no matter what the circumstances. I will give you the tools you need to make lasting change, even after the 12 engagements have ended! You can, of course, always choose to add on more should you want to continue working together.

My SHINE process involves:

✨STRENGTHS – using your character strengths to fuel your activities from a positive place that feels natural

✨HIGHER SELF – looking for meaning and inner knowing, living with purpose and intention, create a sense of self-worth and value from within instead of always looking to outside sources

✨INNER CHILD – engaging with activities that bring you into a state of flow and play, looking at where your thoughts might have come from in your childhood and giving your inner child what they needed then, NOW

✨NERVOUS SYSTEM – looking closely at the mind-body connection, finding activities that regulate your nervous system so you feel calm and not overwhelmed

✨EMOTIONS – processing feelings and accepting all of them, understanding where emotions come from and how you can generate them on purpose

Here are some reviews from previous people who have had 1:1 coaching with me:

Know a burned out colleague, friend or family member who needs a boost? You can gift this package to them! Just add their name in the ‘notes’ section on the order form.

If you would like just a one-off session to dip your toe into the amazing world of coaching, try out one of my Tiny But Mighty sessions! If a year feels like too big of a commitment, have a look at my six-week sessions – Curiosity Coaching.

Please message me or email if you have any questions. Thank you 🙂


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