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It is 100% possible for you to manage everything on your plate and feel better right now. ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ is not just a catchy phrase. It is the truth. Putting yourself first is not selfish, it is crucial for being able to live that playful, balanced life you strive for every day. We are all human and sometimes we are going to feel amazing and sometimes we are going to feel awful. Life really is 50/50. But once we learn how to handle each side of that 50/50, not being afraid of whatever possible thing the world is going to throw at us next, then we can feel fully alive and have our own backs. We can feel all the feelings and know that no matter what, we will make it through.

I know what it’s like to be an overwhelmed person and through my journey I now know and understand the strategies needed to tackle these thoughts and feelings so that I can handle any circumstance. When I start to feel stressed, I know tools and tricks that help me to find that inner voice that knows just what to say to help me feel better. I know what triggers my overwhelm, depression and anxiety and now I know how to challenge those thoughts, so I don’t ruminate and have them consume me. I know exercises, strategies and tools that help me to better understand myself, others and then choose what I want to think and feel in the present and in the future. I want to share these with you so you can fill your own cup first!

If this sounds like something you want in your life right now, I invite you to join me on this four week journey of playing with your brain and challenging your thoughts about overwhelm. This course will have a limited number of participants so I can ensure I have enough time to coach you all individually as well as within the group community we will create. The group will be on Facebook so make sure you sign up for an account if you don’t have one already. The lessons will be a combination of workbooks and videos, all able to be watched at a time that suits you so *I* am not the one adding to your overwhelm!!!

Here is the program roadmap to give you an idea of where we will start and where we will end up. Everything I teach you can be used long after the course has finished – life long learning is a value of mine!

WEEK ONE: Causes of Overwhelm & How to Feel Better NOW!
This week we will go through everything that is overwhelming you and look it right in the eyes! We will investigate what is happening for you that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and I will share a strategy that helps you to feel better immediately no matter what your current situation.

WEEK TWO: Processing Emotions & Boundaries
You thought that Thought Work was all about your thoughts? Not quite! This week we dive deep into our emotions and figure out what boundaries have to do with our feelings and how we can process our emotions FULLY.

WEEK THREE: Challenging Your Thoughts & Using Your Super Powers
Positive Psychology teaches us that we can tap into our strengths and use them to fight adversity. But what are your strengths and what does that have to do with feeling overwhelmed? We will take a look at how to use your strengths to your advantage and challenge any thoughts you have that add onto your overwhelm blocks.

WEEK FOUR: Brain Biases & Taking Action
You have some strategies now to understand your overwhelm and to feel better about it – but what can you do if your brain just keeps giving you more things to think about and your life keeps creating more overwhelming events? This is where we figure out the science of happiness – what actions can you take that are proven to help? We also take a look at the brain science behind cognitive biases and figure out how to intentionally challenge that so you take action regardless of what you might otherwise be thinking!

But wait! That’s not all!
WEEK FIVE BONUS: You get a 45minute 1:1 coaching session with me! We can talk about what you learned in the course, any questions you have, or you can bring something totally new to the table! Whatever your topic is, I can coach you on to help give you some clarity and continue to take action.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed in the classroom or at work or at home, this course is for you!

Know a burned out teacher, friend or family member who needs to play with their brain to manage their overwhelm? You can gift this program to them! Just add their name in the ‘notes’ section on the order form and I will get in touch to share their contact info.

This round of the course is on sale until 7pm Sunday 2nd May. We start on Monday 3rd May!

Please email if you have any questions. Thank you 🙂

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