Personal Playground Hypnosis




Have you ever had a moment where you are thinking about a really happy memory and all of a sudden it’s like you’re transported back there? All your senses feel heightened as you sink deeper into the memory. It feels so yummy! 🥰
And then all of a sudden BOOM it’s gone. You’re transported back into your day to day life doing boring grown-up ish. Ew! 😦 Sometimes it gets even worse when you think about an unhappy memory – especially one that you wish you didn’t have anymore ☹️
Well, luckily for you, I can help you create an amazing mental playground where you can visit those happy memories and use them to fuel your life in the present. In addition, you will be able to change your experience of the painful memories of the past – making them feel better for you HERE in the NOW! It’s like curating a universe all of your own! ✨
You’ll get a 30min Zoom session where you can bring any painful memory and I will teach you how to go to your personal playground to change it. Once you have paid, I will then send you an email to get you on my calendar at a time that suits us both 🥰

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